The 5 Top Marijuana Value Stocks in 2019

The marijuana industry had what can only be described as an odd year in 2018. In one sense, it gained legitimacy like never before with Canada choosing to legalize recreational marijuana, and a handful of U.S. states also giving cannabis the green light in some capacity.

Then again, after years of big gains, marijuana stock investors weren’t able to participate in this good news in 2018. Most pot stocks ended the year lower by a double-digit percentage, with some losing more than half of their value.

The top value pot stocks for the new year

As we enter the new year, one thing is certain: The way Wall Street and investors analyze marijuana stocks has changed forever. Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, and a growing number of countries worldwide allow its medical use, operating results actually matter. This means marijuana stocks that can “deliver the green” should outperform those that continue to burn through their precious cash.

Using forward price-to-earnings multiples as the basis of value, and taking into account that profitability could be skewed positively or negatively by International Financial Reporting Standards, the following five pure-play marijuana stocks offer the best value proposition in 2019.

The Supreme Cannabis Company: Forward P/E of 13.1

Interestingly enough, the marijuana stock with the most intriguing value proposition based on forward P/E is a company that’s probably not even on the radars of most investors: The Supreme Cannabis Company (NASDAQOTH:SPRWF).

The reason you haven’t heard about The Supreme Cannabis Company is pretty simple…

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