This Tiny $7 Stock Is Sitting on a Revolutionary Biotech Breakthrough

An American male dies from prostate cancer roughly every 18 minutes on average. It’s a tragically deadly diagnosis, which is why more than 30 million men are tested for it each year.

But the current test does not actually detect cancer.

And the test’s inventor says it’s hardly more effective than a coin toss. In fact, it could be even less accurate than that.

This prostate cancer test is merely a profit-driven disaster pushed by the big pharmaceutical companies.

Until now.

How One Tiny Company’s Breakthrough Could Make You a Fortune

tiny $7 company has developed a breakthrough solution that could protect 50 million American men from the ravages of prostate cancer.

In short, they’ve developed a revolutionary diagnostic test that detects prostate cancer at the molecular level.

Even in its earliest stages.

Unlike the current screening, this test has a mind-blowing 94% accuracy rate.

In other words, if you’ve got prostate cancer, this test can spot it.

At the same time, the test is noninvasive.

That means no surgery, no risk of infection, and no pain.

Plus, this test can spot cancer cells that have spread from the prostate into other parts of the body.

This tiny $7 company’s diagnostic test is an absolute game changer.

Not only could it help protect you, me, and 50 million American men from the perils of prostate cancer…

But it could also deliver a massive financial windfall, the likes of which most folks only dream about.

I’m talking about the potential to make five to 10 times your money.

This company plans to release critical phase 3 trial results any day now.

When that happens, their share price could go absolutely vertical.

But make no mistake: Time is of the essence.

*This has been a guest post by Money Morning*

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