Marijuana Stocks: 4 Companies You Shouldn’t Ignore [DETAILS]

Yesterday was quite the day as it pertains to marijuana stocks and the market movement. In respect to this, there were a few of them that were too notable to ignore — ones that you should definitely keep an eye on.

India Globalization Capital Inc. (NYSEMKT:IGC)

India Globalization shares increased over 13% in the early part of Tuesday’s trading day. This put it above its 30-day volume average. In the morning, IGC received a glowing article on Alzheimer’s treatment. GSN will be keeping a close eye on this company because of yesterday’s market response.

Kush Bottles (OTC: KSHB)

Early in the day on Tuesday, Kush Bottles shares saw a decrease of over 3% on a lighter-than-average trade volume. The company had announced its plans to expand to Alaska due to its distribution agreement with JKD Brands. As the week progresses, it will be interesting to see if volumes pick up Kush Bottles shares at increasing rates.

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Hypothecary Corp (TSXV:THCX)(OTC:HYYDF)

On Tuesday, the Hypothecary Corp. stated that its company had plans to start a new marijuana-based sublingual spray. Interesting to note, it’s the very first product of its type to be given the green light by Health Canada and presented by an ACMPR licensed producer. Hypothecary Corp. shares are certainly gaining traction — it was up 9% early in the day on the TSX Venture Exchange. Its OTC Markets listing grew an estimated 5% volume-wise, which was already double its 30-day volume average.

22nd Century Group Inc. (NYSEMKT:XXII)

Tuesday wasn’t exactly a walk in the park for 22nd Century Group Inc., as the early part of the day lost them 5.4% of shares. The respective selling off happened without any notable news from the company itself. Amid 22nd Century Group’s numbers yesterday, GSN will be paying close attention to how the next few days pan out for it.

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