Zelda’s Preclinical Research Shows Significant Results

Earlier today, Zelda Therapeutics Ltd. (ASX:ZLD)(OTC:ZLDAF) announced positive results from the company’s preclinical research regarding the anti-cancer abilities of cannabinoids.

The research showed a significantly greater anti-cancer effect versus pure synthetic THC with full extracts, in addition to supporting the cannabinoid entourage effect.

The goal of the company will be to generate data in a form expected by the bio-pharmaceutical industry — in the hopes of licensing the IP down the road to a company ready to complete clinical trials that are human.

Zelda Therapeutics isn’t the only company. In March, Vitality Biopharma (OTC:VBIO) announced positive results in their vitro colon cancer research. Now, while these studies are still in the early stages, the anti-cancer effects of cannabinoids appear to be promising.

In terms of the market reaction: Trading volume on the ASX today was more than 8 times the company’s 30-day average volume! About the U.S. OTC Markets, shares of Zelda have not traded yet today. ZLDAF is currently bidding at $0.049 and asked at $0.067. Thus far this year, shares of Zelda Therapeutics have shown 112% growth.

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