5 Foreign Exchanges That List Pot Stocks

Whenever a large amount of individuals notice  ‘marijuana shares’, they instantly think about penny stock trades within the U.S. Many cannabis stock traders don’t know that there are actually some marijuana-associated businesses doing Nasdaq and NYSE trading.

For marijuana traders that have previously investigated what the U.S. market needs to provide, there are a number are of international stock exchanges that have legit marijuana companies.

Australian Securities Exchange

Medical marijuana was rescheduled in 2016. Due to this, Australia continues to be gaining traction within the marijuana space for research and improvement. Most of the bigger players here have decided to openly list stocks on the Australian Securities Exchange. Recently, Crop One Marijuana Inc. obtained a ACMPR license producer — USA Greeneries and Satipharm AG from the Australian-listed MMJ Phytotech Ltd. Whilst the Australian marijuana industry continues to rise, a slew of companies will likely be inclined to eye ASX as a listing venue.

Canadian Securities Exchange

There is lots of interest on the thriving marijuana business in Canada because Trudeau introduced recreational legalization steps. The Canadian Securities Exchange hosts a number of marijuana businesses, provided the cost of record in addition to authorized Certified Suppliers in addition to the choice to listing ACMPR candidate companies. It is a common option for Canadian marijuana businesses seeking to increase money within the public areas as the CSE isn’t the only real trade in Europe.

Frankfurt Börse

Also called the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the Frankfurt Börse hosts dual-listings of numerous Canadian marijuana businesses. This provides simpler access to Western traders to a few of the top businesses working within this fast-expanding field. Companies like Cover Development Corp. — that have stocks shown in Frankfurt in addition to the TSX —  was the very first organization to export marijuana. We anticipate more businesses will come after Germany legalized pot in January in order to continue down that path.

Tel Aviv Stock Market

Although a few Israeli-based cannabis businesses currently reside in the public markets, it hasn’t exactly been for a long period of time. As Israel pushes forward to become the first choice in cannabinoid treatment service, more companies such as Therapix Biosciences Ltd. and Intec Pharma Ltd. will likely make their public debut. There’s no need to worry if your broker don’t give you access to the Telaviv Stock Exchange — both of the mentioned companies have ADRs listed on the Nasdaq and provide quick access for traders around the world.

Toronto Stock Market / TSX Venture Change

Last but not least: The TSX and also the TSX Venture Exchange. The TMX Group owns both of them. The respective exchanges provide options for marijuana businesses of all shapes and sizes. With higher barriers-to-entry compared to the CSE, most of the marijuana businesses shown on the TSX are top competitors in the market. The TSX Ventures Exchange presents a chance for smaller businesses to more easily access the capital markets. Once a dwelling to a handful of small-cap mining entities, the TSXV is fastly becoming the base camp to several cannabis-related companies, including Canabo Medical Corp.

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