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The Benefits of Hemp Include Fighting Pollution

a piece of land that is near the water and heavily polluted

22nd Century Group, Inc. (NYSE:XXII) has just formed a partnership with The University of Virginia to utilize the benefits of hemp by restoring heavily polluted lands in Southwest Virginia through a process known as phytoremediation. What is Phytoremediation? Phytoremediation is the…

Are Marijuana Stocks Growth Stocks?

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There are two major schools of thought in the investment world regarding which types of stock opportunities are worth pursuing. First, there’s value investing, where the essential goal is to find companies that seem to be worth more than the market…

The TSX Welcomes Its Latest Marijuana Stock

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MedReleaf is the latest marijuana stock to make it into the Toronto Stock Exchange. The company joined three ACMPR producers on the TSX — Canopy Growth Corp., Aphria, and CanniMed Therapeutics. Due to the current sell-off in a fair share of LPs, we’ll…