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Growth Stocks to Buy: Alternative Way to Enter the Lottery?

Growth Stocks to Buy: Alternative Way to Enter the Lottery?


Many are familiar with the traditional purchase of lottery tickets. The arduous task of going in person to the deli or gas station to buy said lottery tickets is antiquated, and evidently,  it is time for disruption in the space.

After some serious digging, we’ve come across LottoGopher Holdings Inc. (CSE:LOTO) (OTC:LTTGF) — a self-described “lottery messenger service that allows users to easily order and manage their state lottery tickets online using a debit or credit card. By allowing individuals to choose their numbers and safely order tickets for the official lottery drawings in California, LottoGopher makes it simple for users to keep track of their tickets and winnings.”

The company went on to say the following about what they offer:

“With LottoGopher, individuals can either play alone with a single ticket or create and join online public and private groups to pool winnings from California lotteries, including MEGA Millions, Powerball and Super Lotto Plus.”

Following LottoGopher’s completion of an estimated $3.5 million CAD private placement offering, the company is well capitalized and ready to tap into California’s $6.3 billion USD lottery market. Surely, there will be other states to come in the future. However, with roughly 12 out of 100 Americans living in California, LottoGopher couldn’t have picked a better state to start with.

By allowing users to purchase lotto tickets using a credit or debit card, it significantly expands the number of potential users. Payment option aside, the ability to purchase these lotto tickets — from the comfort of your own home, only increases the number of interested parties, similar to the way that GrubHub Inc. (NYSE:GRUB) shook up the food delivery, LottoGopher is likely to shake up the lottery space tremendously.

Beyond the opportunity that is inherent in LottoGopher’s business plan, the company has already been featured in Forbes, NBC, CNN, CBS News, Time, ABC, Fox News, the Los Angeles Times, and more. Before this stock becomes a Wall Street darling, we wanted to dig in to see if we can beat the institutions to the punch.

We believe that this company shows some major growth potential, and we’ll be digging in with more research in the coming weeks.

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GSN Staff

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