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Amazon: A Guide on How Bezos Can Thrive in the Cannabis Space

Amazon: A Guide on How Bezos Can Thrive in the Cannabis Space

Whether you keep up with the markets or not, chances are you’ve probably heard that, Inc. (NASADAQ:AMZN) announced the intent to acquire Whole Foods Market, Inc. (NASDAQ:WFM) for over $13 billion.

Before the deal was announced, Inc. Magazine’s Zoë Henry wrote an article for the magazine’s May, 2017 issue titled “Will Amazon Buy You?” As the article says in its intro, “when Jeff Bezos isn’t plotting how to blast himself into outer space or test-driving a 13-foot Transformer-esque robot, he’s hunting for the next startup that will bolster his Amazon arsenal.”

When determining whether or not a business fits into Amazon’s acquisition strategy, it helps to look back through the included list of the 120+ prior investments and acquisitions by the conglomerate.

Zoë Henry’s article did a great job of detailing Amazon’s investments into fields including artificial intelligence, cloud services, apparel, financial services, home services, hardware and more.

The questions we’re asking today are: when and how will Amazon invest in the marijuana industry?

To answer this, we must determine two things:

  • How does Bezos feel about cannabis?
  • What would Amazon even buy if it were to dive into the cannabis space?


GSN Staff

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