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18 Cannabis Stocks Worth Watching

18 Cannabis Stocks Worth Watching

Let’s face it, almost every investor is becoming interested in what’s happening in the cannabis industry. Even if people aren’t interested in participating in consuming marijuana, many are interested in investing in the rapid growth areas within the legal cannabis space.

As the number of companies operating in the space continues to increase at an astounding rate, it can be tough for the average investor to pick out the stocks with the highest growth potential.

As with any industry, an index helps investors track the broader market moves for the space and also provides a benchmark to compare gains. For the airline industry, there’s the NYSE Arca Global Airline Index, which is “designed to measure the performance of highly capitalized and liquid international airline companies.”

For the cannabis industry, we have the Solactive North American Medical Marijuana Index, which seeks to track “the performance of a basket of North American publicly listed companies with significant business activities in the marijuana industry.”

Component Cannabis Companies

The North American Medical Marijuana Index basket of companies is comprised of 18 stocks ranging from Canadian licensed producers of marijuana, all the way to cannabinoid pharmaceutical developers.

The cannabis companies that make up the North American Medical Marijuana Index are as follows:

Investing in the Basket vs. Individual Companies

Here at the Growth Stock Network, we’re looking for the companies with the highest growth potential. If you were interested in buying the whole basket of companies, check out the cannabis ETF from Horizons. If you’re interested in filtering out the companies that may not experience the notable growth we seek out, keep reading.

Companies like Scotts should probably be filtered out. The company has a market capitalization of over $5.25 Billion. While they have been diving into the cannabis space head-first, a large part of their business is unrelated to cannabis, and therefore may not grow at the rapid rate of pure-play cannabis companies.

Additionally, ignore Insys. The company’s drug development pipeline includes far more than just their cannabinoid-based treatment. This company could be a volatile one to hold in your portfolio, and it’s in the FDA’s hands.

For the most part though, the list above represents a handful of companies that could grow substantially due to their positioning in the cannabis space.


Many investors have already made a fortune off of cannabis stocks, but the growth is undeniably far from over. Be sure to subscribe to our daily newsletter, and stay tuned for more ongoing coverage of these high-growth cannabis companies.

GSN Staff

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